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In 2013, the number of overnight stays by Arab tourists from the Gulf countries in Switzerland was 623,205. The Gulf States generated the greatest absolute increase of all countries. It is now vital that the Swiss hotel industry learns to deal with the needs of these tourists, who primarily ask for nothing more than to find a home away from home whilst travelling.



We offer an IPI “Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property” registered trademark. The Arabic Friendly team strives to provide the necessary tools and know-how to local tourist facilities in order that they can satisfy their guests and meet their demands better.

Mutual Benefits

Mutual Benefits

Excellent benefits for Arab tourists as they will feel pampered and valued. There will be excellent benefits for your hotel as well, as you will benefit both in terms of a higher occupancy rate and a better overall online reputation.

Feasible Rules

Feasible Rules

Our professional experience and academic knowledge in the field of hospitality, combined with our familiarity with the Gulf Cooperation Council target market, ensures that the criteria are at the same time achievable, simple, and affordable.

To be granted the Arabic Friendly trademark, establishments will need to meet some simple criteria. These criteria have been devised thanks to our thorough understanding of the Arab World and our in-depth knowledge of the Arab tourist’s expectations.
The rules of the Arabic Friendly trademark are available upon request. You will be surprised at how easy they are to comply with, yet carry such great significance for your Arab client.

Learn from our experience what the most essential needs of your Arab guests are. With small steps your hotel will become the perfect place for tourists coming from the Gulf States. Your Arab customers will rave about your hotel and, thanks to their extremely positive reviews, you will enjoy a high ranking on all booking engines and travel sites.
In addition you will be joining a network of excellence known as Arabic Friendly hotels, and you will fully profit from our extensive marketing and constant presence in the GCC countries.

How about Some Facts about GCC Tourism?

Arabic friendly growth
Percent growth in ten years
Arabic friendly coins
Billion US$ tourism expenditure in 2013
Million arrivals expected by 2020
Percent more spent on accommodation than the global average

Make your existing Arab customers happy
and secure new ones

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Arabs travel often

The GCC is a growing market and one that offers the best opportunities for the whole tourism industry. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) the outbound tourists of the Gulf region were 19 million in 2012, a figure that has more than doubled since 2000. In the next few years, experts predict that the Arab tourist market will continue to grow at solid rates, with arrivals from the GCC expected to escalate to 34 million by 2020 and to 49 million by 2030.

Contrary to popular belief, more and more GCC tourists travel every year for leisure (almost 82%) and only a few of them for business (18%). The holiday destination is chosen according to different factors: the reputation of the destination, good tourist facilities, shopping opportunities, good weather, landscape, visa processing, entertainment for the whole family and high quality services. Europe offers many opportunities that just need to be enhanced.

Arabs spend a lot on tourism

The average spend of GCC nationals on travel is higher than tourists from other parts of the world. GCC tourists spend 260% more on airfares and 430% more on accommodation. In 2010, international outbound spending from the GCC countries as a whole accounted for US$ 65 billion.

GCC nationals usually take one long holiday to cooler destinations between the months of June and September to escape the heat in their home countries. GCC tourists tend to repeat visits in `tourist friendly countries` and the latest trend is for tailor-made experiences. Family travel is very important and this may include the extended family, typically 4 to 12 individuals. However, depending on family status, numbers can be significantly higher and reach up to 30 members and in very rare cases even 60 members. Due to the size of the family, many seem to prefer either first class hotels with family rooms or interconnecting rooms or – where available – service apartments. On average, they spend 13 nights on their trips abroad. GCC tourists can spend as much as US$ 12,205 per person on each trip.
It’s important to note that the average stay includes short trips within the Gulf area where the overall permanence is only a few days. In reality the GCC tourists tend to spend up to four weeks in Europe.

Arabs want to feel welcome in europe

Probably the most outstanding feature of Arab customs is that of generous hospitality. To the Arabs, extending good hospitality is a matter of honour and also a sacred duty. To please an Arab tourist you need to be very skilled in matters of hospitality. Arab people expect to feel valued and pampered; they expect courtesy and a friendly and personalized service.

If this is attained, you can expect high praises and positive reports on the Internet, a tool that is being used more and more often in GCC countries for sharing experiences and booking tourist services. A satisfied customer will go home and share his or her travel experience with friends, relatives and acquaintances who, in turn, will want to “copy” this experience. Word of mouth has a great influence on the decision of the Arab tourist, and for this reason it is imperative to become a `tourist friendly destination`. This is exactly the key concept that drives our company, Arabic Friendly.

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What THEY say about us

  • We at Hotel Lugano Dante Center in Lugano and Hotel Berna in Milan appreciate the excellent work carried out by “Arabic Friendly” in helping us understand the daily online reviews in Arabic and in translating our answers.
    We have been collaborating for a few months and we have established an affinity that is truly excellent.
    More and more Arab customers select our area as a destination and choose to stay at our two hotels; we believe it is appropriate to answer our guests in their native language and “Arabic Friendly” is assisting us in this task.
    In addition to the assistance translating the online comments, we have received precious tips on how to welcome best our clients from the Gulf countries.
    We therefore hope to overcome the language barrier more easily and strive to avoid eventual incomprehension that may arise in the future, at least in the written form.
    Therefore, we wish our friends at “Arabic Friendly” great success in this project that both they and we strongly believe.

    — Carlo Fontana, GM, Hotel Lugano Dante in Lugano and Hotel Berna in Milan —
  • The Tourist Board of Lugano area (Switzerland) attests to the quality of the project “Arabic Friendly”. After having carefully considered and evaluated the idea, the planning and the timing of implementation, we believe the initiative to be worthy of merit and that it will provide a useful tool to invest into the Arab market.
    In recent years the GCC target has become an increasingly important and desirable destination for Lugano and its surroundings, with overnight stays growing by 181% from 2009 to 2014. We believe that the trademark “Arabic Friendly” could create an international and influential network to promote the destinations and structures which will have chosen to adhere to it.

    — Alessandro Stella, Director of Lugano Turismo —
  • Geneva Tourism is always on the lookout at collaborating with the right marketing partners. The GCC market is a key market for Geneva The city is a destination that has always, historically, worked with the GCC market. The GCC market represents a 6% share of total tourists overnighting in Geneva. Travelers globally are now spoiled with choice. Arabic Friendly does an incredible job in communicating the attractions of a destination that appeal to the Arabic traveler. It highlights what interests them and communicates neutrally the key highlights. As a destination, it is imperative to have the support of such partners when targeting the GCC traveler. For those travelers, having Geneva promoted on their website is an endorsement of the Arabic friendliness of the destination. We will continue to work closely with Arabic Friendly and they will remain an important platform in our overall online communication strategy when addressing the GCC market.

    — Tamara Tawil, Overseas Market Manager, Geneva Tourism —


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